Customer Service – Is it so hard to get it right?

Today I was unfortunately on the receiving the end of appalling customer service. After falling victim to some terrible false advertisement, when I complained the company involved were extremely rude and unhelpful. I was basically told to put up and shut up. Bad customer service is something that no one should have to put up with, it is one of the basic principles of any customer-facing business, so why is it so hard for some companies to get it right?

As an owner of a business I know how important it is to make sure that all my customers are happy. Especially in the economy as it stands can anyone afford to alienate existing or new customers?

One of the most important things I learnt in my first year of running my business was how to handle customers in the correct way. The way you project yourself and how you communicate will lessen the chance of a customer being unhappy. Especially in the design industry this is very important as there is no right or wrong answer, listening to your clients needs and wants is essential in order to produce a final product that meets their requirements. Of course the customer is not right all the time, but it is your job to guide them through the process of design, explain what is and what isn’t possible so that their expectations of a project are met.

No one wants to receive bad customer service, and no one have to put up with receiving bad customer service. If you are unfortunate and are at the receiving end then you need to find a new company who understands your needs and can meet them. I believe companies with bad customer service rely on the belief that people will just put up and shut up. I for one will not put up with it for one second, and if everyone did the same then these companies will be where they belong: without customers.

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